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White Papers

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Agile & The Triple Constraint Any endeavor with uncertainty runs the risk of unforeseen complexity and additional work. We can try to control this notoriously uncontrollable scope with expensive scope exploration work and documentation, or we can accept the uncertainty and direct that analysis energy toward the project. The tough sell is convincing the sponsors to embrace uncertainty. In the project world, quality ("good") is non-negotiable. We either need to get things right the first time or pay the cost and time to correct work that does not meet quality standards. Register on the right for free access
Agile Suitability Filters; A Discussion of Suitability Models, Merits and Shortcomings Agile Suitability Filters are tools to help assess if an agile approach could fit your organization and project. As with any subjective diagnostic tool, these methods are not hard-and-fast predictors of suitability or project success. The suitability filters described in this whitepaper should be used as conversation starters. Use them to have more objective discussions about the use of agile methods and where risks may be present. Register on the right for free access
A Guide to the PMI-ACP® Exam Change Did you know there are pending changes to the PMI-ACP® exam? Do you know what these changes are? Have you planned a course of action? If not, the information in RMC's free downloadable report A Guide to the PMI-ACP® Exam Change—can help! Register on the right for free access
7 Reasons You Should Add Agile to Your Management Toolbox In addition to improving product development results, did you know Agile principles and practices can also improve your effectiveness as a day-to-day manger, and the performance of your departments as a whole? Register on the right for free access
Top 10 Agile Techniques Every Team Should Know The agile methodology may not be as far from traditional project management practices as you might think.This article provides an overview of ten agile techniques, and illustrates how applying these techniques can increase team effectiveness and overall project success. Register on the right for free access


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Recorded Webinars

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Agile DNA: The People and Process Elements of Successful Agile Projects Wondering what agile is, or how to incorporate agile practices into your project management or product development process? Do more than simply add new tricks to your project toolbox! Learn how your projects can deliver organizational value more quickly with agile approaches and how to provide exceptional results, in less time, with more engaged teams. Join Mike Griffiths for this one-hour presentation on agile. Register on the right for free access
Agile for Anything? A Beginner's Guide to Using Agile for Non-IT Projects Practitioners across the globe are making use of Agile's iterative nature and visual management to manage everything from low-tech product development to services and even entire companies. And the time has come for project managers, business analysts, product managers, engineers and even executives to learn how to apply an Agile mindset to virtually any situation. Register on the right for free access

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